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Spirit Jam for Success

next session:
4th May @ 13:00 BST


Enter the space where you can ask me, Andrea, and Spirit anything from your






and get laser focused coaching and spiritual advice in one.

How Spirit Jam for Success works

In everything I do I love to bring Divine wisdom and weave it with emotional healing and very practical and scientifically proven tools, practices, ideas and strategies.

During this one hour session I am going to use all of that, plus, if Spirit will ask for it, I will use also Oracle or Tarot Cards, or information from the Akashic Records.

Spirit Jam for Success is one of my ways to combine the two inseparable parts of me - both science and magic - into one.


This is the place where every 1st Saturday of the month you can ask me anything from your life, business or relationships and get laser-focused coaching and spiritual advice to add momentum to your own ideas.


Whatever is relevant for you and your highest good at that moment.

How does it sound to you?

Are you feeling the first sparks?

Are you ready to explore new avenues of success in all areas of your life and lift your spirits to new highs?

Here’s what you do:

  • Take a pen and paper


  • Write down your question/s

  • Register on Zoom through any of the buttons on this page and write your questions there

  • Check your inbox (or spam) to find the confirmation email from Zoom with information for the session,  including the link

You may just be my perfect Spirit Jammer!

I love helping apex achievers to greater clarity and life satisfaction.


Apex achievers who want a deeper sense of calm, contentment and clarity in all areas of their life.


I help successful people who are feeling that they need to return to themselves, as they notice that they have become a little lost in their external success.


Are you one of them?





For the time being these monthly jam sessions are FREE.


But if you feel that you want to pay something for this Spirit Jam for Success session, then you can send any amount that feels right to you, via the Donate button. This is entirely voluntary and entirely your decision.


Thank you!


Last but not least note I want to point out to all is this:

Please hold everything you receive or hear in these sessions in complete confidentiality. Do not share this information with others in any form. Please regard everything you receive through the Spirit Jam of Success as a sacred sharing.

Thank you.

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