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LS - Aviation engineering - Netherlands

Since several years I have been working in the aviation engineering industry near Schiphol. For the last few I had been convinced I could provide a service better than my employers, but I didn't have the experience or courage to start out on my own, even though my friends encouraged me to do it. 


When COVID shut everything down I did Stand in Your Power Essentials programme with Andrea instead of just sitting on my hands. It made me feel like anything is possible if I try! So after a few more weeks I did Start Your Dream Business the Right Way course, and Andrea made me see that I had everything I needed within myself. 


It's been nearly a year now since I started my own company and it is going very well. Thank you Andrea for helping me stand in my own power to seize this opportunity.

Sarah - Marketing Manager - England

When we met it was perfect timing for me, as I was getting really tired of all the well-intentioned advice from friends and family about how I should live my life. I felt like I needed to break out of the box that people thought was me. I knew that otherwise I would break down. Stand In Your Power Essentials gave me the tools I needed so much. Thank you, Andrea, for being there for me.

Evinka Furikova - creative chef and entrepreneur

I went through Stand in Your Power with two of my closest friends. It was a profoundly enjoyable, bonding and revelatory experience. Plenty of digging inwards and intense out-of-the-blue moments triggered a new form of love and appreciation for my own self and my friends. I started the workshop thinking - I know myself pretty well, this is going to be a piece of cake. It's now been 6 months since my several very liberating and empowering moments that perhaps wouldn't have happened, were it not for the coach and the tasks and the safe encouraging space. After the workshop it was like looking in the mirror and asking: "How come I haven't seen this more clearly? How come I didn't connect the dots that have always been there? Maybe I never dared... And what's next?" I'm really glad coach Andrea is there afterwards too, to give me occasional pushes and direction in executing my action plan...

TH - corporate lawyer

I knew I needed change in my life, but I didn't know what. I was thinking about changing my job, but I wasn't convinced it was the right move. I felt that the change I was looking for would be internal, and not external. I wanted something new, and to concentrate more on myself, but I didn't know where to start or what to do.

Andrea showed me a new life path and acted as my guide. For the first time I realised it's OK to focus on myself. I have the power to experience strong positive or negative emotions, and I can choose to let them go. Andrea showed me the way to celebrate my strengths and accept my weaknesses, for now. I feel stronger and I have much more self-respect as I continue to work  with my pros and cons. 

I enjoyed doing Stand In Your Power in one-to-one sessions, and I appreciated the attention and time spent. I continue to develop myself and my abilities, but I am also now more open to working with my intuition and accepting that things will come to me at the right time. 

Radka Pucelikova - HR Manager at AIMTEC
radka 162x162.png

Andrea is a never-ending source of bright new ideas. She is able to develop and lead others through her open personality. I intentionally use the word others and not customers, because I have never felt like a customer. She is a coach who is able to lead a person in a way to his/her goal without using any kind of force. She is able to lead me to the point where I suddenly get it! And it is usually very simple truth and even easier is to use it in real life. She does not copy anybody. She is a genuine original and very inspiring person. Because of her I start to believe the world is not full of problems we have to overcome, but it is full of opportunities. It is just a matter of perspective.

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Magdalena Novicka Mook  - CEO of International Coaching Federation

Andrea is a great person to work with - detail oriented but with big vision always in mind. Congenial and easy going, she is a trusted and accomplished professional.

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TD - independent HR consultant, legal head-hunter and entrepreneur
tereza DVORAKOVA.jpg

I have known Andrejka for many years and it is always pleasure to work with her, despite the seriousness of the topic we work on. She is such a positive, smiling and caring person that just seeing her fills me with joy that I will spend time in a presence of such a strong, interesting and inspiring woman. I have completed several workshops with her, as well as individual coaching sessions.


I always look forward to our sessions and every time I leave I feel much more confident, happy for the hard work we have done, and with a clearer vision of what I will do next in my life. The feeling of being lost is gone. I have goals and a timeline set up for what needs to be done to bring me closer to my dreams and to clarify what I expect from my life and myself, both personally and career wise. Every session I discover something new about myself, or just say out loud what I feel by intuition and am just afraid to talk about or even admit to myself. There is no judging and no prejudice, I can freely and without fear or shyness share my deepest thoughts, ideas or worries. Every time during the workshop I recharge new energy and am ready to take action steps in my life - whether these are unpleasant family discussions or to make some decision about career or work-related issues. I learn to get to know myself better, to value and pamper myself more and to be able to say "No" to activities I do not actually enjoy.


I have become much better and much more open in communicating my wishes, ideas and plans. I do pick close friends better and spend time only with people that really truly love to be close to me. Andrejka encourages me to focus on my talents and develop them further which is of course hard work, but such a relief and freedom.

VM - Tech Sector
tech image.PNG

Everything starts with me and I have all I need to succeed; I am powerful, and nobody can take this away from me!


In a few words, this was the main lesson I learnt during my journey on the SIYPE with Andrea. One needs lots of courage to look at him/herself and recognize what needs to be changed, for us to feel better. The program made me work on many things that I possibly already knew but have not addressed in a structured way.


The results are very positive, and I could see the changes happening around me as I started to work on myself.  Really recommend this program to anyone who has decided to be more happy and satisfied with their lives.

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