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Who am I?

My clients give me many different "labels". For them I am a Transformation and Empowerment Coach, Life and Business Strategist, Quantum Success Coach, Business, Money and also Mindset Mentor, as well as Akashic Master Healer and Consultant. 

Others call me their Sage.


I am all of that and much more. As are you.


I am the creator of the Stand In Your Power programmes and Quantum Success programmes, as well as Akashic Master Healer and Consultant.

In all programmes I'll help you to define the authentic you, using exercises and techniques that I have learned or developed myself over the last nearly 20 years of coaching, tutoring and mentoring successful men and women of all kinds in over 50 countries. 

In all of my programmes, be it an individual session or a year long programme I use both science and magic. 

I help successful people to be the best empowered version of themselves, so that they can not only live the life of their dreams, but feel content and have huge impact, leaving a legacy they are really proud of.

I transform lives and attitudes to enable them to lead happy and successful lives on their own terms.

People I work with

You are successful in your industry. You are an apex achiever.

You are in the middle of your life, and you want more for yourself, your people, and your world.

You are looking for a deeper connection to yourself and a deeper sense of your self.

You want more meaning and more fulfilment in the rest of your life.

You have a deep desire to use that "outside" success makes a big impact and helps you to make (your) world a better place. You are thinking about your legacy. 

People in my tribe

Are willing and ready to make possible out of impossible.

Have a big vision and mission.

Take total responsibility for their lives, results, reality, happiness and success.

Are resourceful, life-long learners who are willing to do the hard work on mind, body, and soul to achieve their goals

My bigger mission

My bigger mission is to help as many people as possible to be happy. When we are happy everything seems easier. Success, wealth, health, relationships, love, fun, ... everything comes to us much more easily when we are happy.  At the very beginning of this happiness is knowing yourself inside out, and accepting and loving yourself as you are.

From that place you can stand in your power to make your dreams come true. That’s where magic happens.

My Previous Clients have said ...

"I understand now that I need to do things my own way and follow my own star."

"I no longer constantly worry about the approval of others"

"I no longer feel permanently stressed"

"I reconnected to my core self, which is now growing daily"

"I recovered my spiritual life and now consciously work on not losing it again"

"I have Increased self-confidence, and I'm also more patient and understanding of others"

"I am more courageous now"

"I have greater clarity on life direction"

"I am calmer, more loving to my friends, and more connected to my self and others"

"I am much happier, with a more positive outlook"

"I appreciate the simple joys of life much more,  and I have more personal time for myself"

"I realise the importance of gratitude"

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