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Inner Healing Sanctuary

The Members Club
for the Mind, Heart, Body, Business and Soul

Step into a transformative membership and community created to liberate you from feeling trapped, anxious, or isolated, and to  guide you back to self-assurance, clarity, and trust in yourself and the unknown. To help you to embrace your full power with pride.


Join our virtual community, a welcoming space filled with kindred spirits from around the globe. Through laser focused coaching and Divine wisdom, we merge science and magic to empower you to live your life and have a business of your dreams.


Our membership unites diverse individuals to learn, heal, and uplift each other through weekly calls.


Join us and become part of the magic!

Andrea x

Our Inner Healing Sanctuary Contributors

Andrea Klinčoková

Life & Business Strategist

Sasha Sells

Orthobionic & Akashic Records

Seshnie Naidoo

Quantum Flow & Business Coach

Eva Fúriková

Mindfulness through Kitchen

Katie Stibbs

Empowerment Coach

Jenny Mae Smith

Illuminator of Spirit

When you feel destined for greater things but find yourself at crossroads, unsure of the next steps to take...


Do you find yourself caught in repetitive cycles, feeling ensnared by your circumstances?

Have you lost faith in the direction of your life, numbed by the weight of it all, or perhaps forgotten the taste of hope?


I know it's all too easy to settle into the familiarity of life as it's always been, disconnected from your true essence, from others, and from the harmonies of the Universe.


Each of us carries stories, beliefs, and emotional baggage that hinder our journey towards self-realisation.


If this feels true for you then let me invite you to the Inner Healing Sanctuary – a sanctuary offering transformative healing for old wounds, nurturing the growth of new practices, and drawing in fresh perspectives and opportunities.


Here, you'll find a wealth of tools, resources, and unwavering support to embark on your journey of self-discovery – to unearth your inner strength, trust your instincts, and step into your role as a powerful co-creator of your own destiny.


Gone will be the days of dwelling in fear, loneliness, sorrow, guilt, and self-critique.


Instead, you'll bask in profound joy, purpose, and love, nurturing your soul to its fullest potential.​


Let me ask you,​


Are you seeking solace, healing, and illumination under the Divine light?


Do you yearn for clarity on the questions that weigh heavy on your heart?


Are you ready to dissolve the physical and emotional imbalances that hold you back?


Are you ready to grow and expand in all areas of your life and business?


If so, I invite you to join me in the Inner Healing Sanctuary, where we gather weekly to embark on this sacred journey together.​​​


Who is it for?

Coaches, therapists, healers, bodyworkers, sensitives and empaths who feel alone or lonely on their journey building their business aligned with Soul.

Solopreneurs, woopreneurs, CEOs, founders and business owners building or scaling their spirit~, heart~, and purpose~led companies.

Artists and writers who would like the Divine to inspire their creative works.

Everyone who is seeking Divine wisdome, support, guidance, and healing for their life and business and is ready and committed to do the inner work as well as take action in the outside world.


What's included?

Weekly sessions with me, Andrea, and our amazing contributors from different countries who are all specialists in their own areas and also bring their own Divine wisdom and experience to you in regular sessions.

We talk about everything and anything from life and business. 

  • Weekly 60-minute live group Zoom video sessions

  • Energetic Transmissions from the Divine

  • Online co-working sessions twice a month

  • Different workshops on members' most interesting topics

  • Community - group that supports each other 

  • Special offers from contributors for Sanctuary members

  • Sessions will be recorded and available in the membership group.

This is a community where you will feel seen, loved, heard and understood. 

You don't need to feel this is a lonely journey ever again.

This is a space which feels more holistic, more transformational, it's more like home.

It's safe to be here. You're welcome to bring your stuff and you're not going to be left alone with it. 

We're all learning together, growing together, we believe that when one of us shifts, we all shift.

There's a real power in our group.


Inner Healing Sanctuary

The doors are open.

Join the Inner Healing Sanctuary now. 

Weekly meetings with our amazing contributors, healers, coaches and intuitives started on 1st June 2024.

First 3 months (June - August 2024) are FREE.

Select an item (£)

Thank you for registering for our Inner Healing Sanctuary membership!

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