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Tamsin Rachel

Intuitive Coach and Master Healer

Friday, 19th January 2024, at 13:00 UK time


Energies and Strategies for a happy and successful 2024


A channeled conversation.

My Story

Intuitive Coach and Master Healer Tamsin Rachel unlocks the Wisdom of Woo to bring healing, joy and success into your life.


Tamsin is an Internationally Certified Coach, CPCC, Master Healer and Master Certified Akashic Records Consultant. 

Tamsin has two programs: Elevate Love, which takes you beyond chemistry to deep soul connection.

And Joyride, a journey to discover your soul’s purpose and develop your intuitive skills.


She’ll help you find hidden gems of wisdom within via Intuitive Readings, Energy Healing, Past Life Mining, Activations and Miracle Creation (it’s all a Miracle!)


Her favourite number is 69, she is all about Giving and Receiving.

Her super powers are intuition, proving clarity and miracle creation.

Podcast pre-summit introductory interview

In this introductory podcast interview, Andrea and Tamsin, also talked about what does happiness and success mean to her, and also about her three different careers and what's in front of her now. We talked about our Higer Selves, intuition, Akashic Records, and our strong minds. We discussed decisions, synchronisities and miracles, and we also talked about living in the land of possibilities, moving houses and growing business. And so much more ... 

Listen to this engaging conversation with Tamsin (and her kittens) and get to know her a little bit better through it. 


Tamsin Rachel, pre-summit introductory podcast interviewTrust the Unknown podcast
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My Offer 

To find out more about working with me or to join one of my programmes click the link:


I'm always looking for new and exciting connections. Let's connect.

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