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Specifically designed 1 year long programme which helps you to step out of your own way and start living your dream life.


Stand In Your Power Foundation

Foundation is a 12 month programme designed specifically for you, to meet your individual requirements. If you have completed the Essentials programme, this will be a fairly straightforward exercise, as we will already know roughly what you want to work on. If you prefer to go straight into the Foundation course we will spend some time discussing your needs and requirements, and getting to know each other a little better, before we agree on which topics are the most important to you in your life at that time. We will then create a STRAD™ to enable us to measure your achievements during the programme.

Alumni of Essentials are entitled to a 25% discount on the price for Foundation programme if you book within 2 months of completing Essentials.

Foundation consists of 24 coaching sessions of 60 minutes and 24 Q&A sessions of 30 - 60 minutes over 12 months.

We meet in person or virtually once a week and together we work on the topics from the programme and also of your choice from the four main life areas: Self, Relationships, Work/Business and Health. 

You may want to work on your self-confidence and self-love, or you may want to start or grow your own business. Perhaps your main focus will be getting the promotion you dream about, or possibly on improving your finances, or health. Even if it is on improving your personal relationships or finding your soul-mate, we will tailor a programme specifically for you and work with you to guide you through improvements in every area to enable you to Stand in Your Power.

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STRAD™ is our proprietary tool for assessing and measuring the topics which are of most interest to you. It means 'Selectable Topics Reversible Axes Diagram'. Uniquely, it can be used to assess and measure 'negative targets', as well as the much more common positive ones,  meaning something that you want to do less of, or stop doing. For example it could be something as simple as 'giving up smoking', or it could be 'reducing stress'. Both of these have zero as a goal rather than 10.

We will create a base line STRAD™ in the first session. You choose 6-12 topics which you want to work on. They can be personal, work related, or anything that really matters to you. We then assess your baseline score for each of these and create the initial STRAD™.

After 6 months and 12 months approximately we create new STRAD™s to measure progress and see if there is any area that requires special attention.

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