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6 months online programme
for those who want to unlock
the power  inside them

Are YOU ready
to step into your power and claim it for yourself?

"I've never seen any life transformation that didn't begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit."
                     Elizabeth Gilbert - Author of 'Eat Pray Love', and 'Big Magic'
Who is this program for?

Do any of these issues resonate with you?

  • You want to be more confident with who you are and in your relationships.

  • You want to improve and strengthen your relationships, including the one with yourself.

  • You feel the need to get to know, understand and accept who you truly are, and be more self-confident.

  • You think it's time for a career change, and you want to envision the steps to your new role.

  • You want your new position to be based on your true value, strengths, talents and passion.

  • You need to know what is really important to you, and take actions towards your associated money goals.

  • You want to find more happiness in your life, work and relationships by knowing yourself inside out.

  • You need the inner peace that comes with finding harmony of your mind, body, and spirit.

Then this programme is for you!

In 6 short months we will journey through a complete programme of 7 modules, delivered in 12 coaching sessions of 60 minutes and 12 Q&A sessions of 30 minutes. Some of these modules will last across several sessions and cover a range of interconnected and interdependent topics, other modules will focus closely on a single important issue. Always, the pace and intensity will be adjusted to suit the participants. 

Act now to secure your place in the next cohort if you prefer to be part of a group, or find a date that suits you better. If you prefer an individual 1:1 programme we can start any time. Book a Clarity Call to discuss this with me in more detail, to make sure you are ready to take the next steps to Stand in Your Power.

Module 1 - A new beginning – setting you up for success

In this first module I help and guide you to create your own mind-set for success in this program, and we create and share within the group a declaration of commitment to the program, to each other and to success. 

We will look at ways to change fixed mindset to growth mindset. Your mindset and power of your thoughts will be central to everything we do over these 3 months. We will introduce tools like journaling and gratitude.

Module 2 - Who are you really? What defines the real you?

We explore the roles that define and shape your life, and dissect the strengths and weaknesses that are the tools to fulfil your multiple life and daily roles. We will be using our STAR Results Framework™ to help you understand the way your mind is programmed and how to change it. We will also look at your self-fulfilling stories and breakthroughs, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

Module 3 - Mind. Body. Spirit

We look at the connections between mind, body and spirit, and how the right connections can move blockages in your life and clarify your life purpose. We will work with your emotions and the beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you. We will explore your passions!

Module 4 - Values and Vision

To others, your values are a window on your soul. To yourself, a mirror. Together we will crystallise the values that are your foundation for the future, and create a clear and actionable vision to guide you. This module is all about self-love, your values and your life vision. They are the ultimate building blocks of your future and the life you want for yourself and your loved ones.

Module 5 - Obstacles, Excuses and Fear

Changing the way you think about challenges, and how you create excuses for inaction can help you change your life. Fear is a real thing, but controlling your fear and doing it anyway is a game changer. For many clients this module was simultaneously one of the toughest and the most liberating at the same time. Looking at the excuses you use, your inner obstacles and your relationship with fear and failure is very powerful stuff!

Module 6 - Inner Power and Responsibility

You, and only you, hold yourself in the palm of your hand. We show you how to take responsibility for your own life, and by tapping into the limitless possibilities of you, to live your own authentic, balanced, and best life. We talk about your inner power and how to use it to create your dream life.

Module 7 - Life is a journey, not a destination

A look at your future self! How will you use the power you now have to adapt and change your world, at home, in business, and with friends, What will the future now look like? What better way to end our Essentials' journey together than by meeting your Future Self in a loving meditation and to create your self-development plan based on that meeting? You will leave this programme not only knowing and loving yourself better, but also knowing how you can use this new awareness and what steps to take further. You will truly know how to Stand in your Power!

During the 6 month programme

Together, we will look deep down into your heart and thoughts and fears and strengths, your personal values and your inner obstacles and barriers.

I will show you how to shift your beliefs about what’s possible for you by knowing yourself inside out. Together we will bring more possibilities, happiness and fulfilment to your life.


At the end of this program you will have tools to confidently and with pride answer the question "Who am I really?"

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