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One-month Deep Dive Intensive MASTERMIND

This  mastermind is your opportunity to stop, reflect and get clear about what is really important to you at this moment, 
so that you can navigate your 2024 in a way that brings you success and happiness on your terms using your
whole potential, no matter what. 

Unlock Your Potential
with the Science and Magic of Success

Welcome to a transformative journey where you will pause, reflect, and realign with what truly matters to you.


The Science and Magic of Success programme offers you a profound opportunity to chart your course for 2024 and beyond, steering towards success and happiness on your terms, utilising your full potential.


Embarking on a new venture can be daunting. Yet, embarking on the RIGHT venture, in the most optimal way, leading to the outcomes you've longed for, is where true magic lies.



You feel it, don't you?


Perhaps you've already taken the first steps. But before you know it...


As you set sail for your next chapter, the currents of decisions, expectations, and distractions threaten to veer you off course. Beneath it all, familiar fears and doubts lurk, hindering your progress and clouding your inner dialogue.


Let's navigate that differently together.

I invite you to my condensed, thought-provoking mastermind Science and Magic of Success programme. Tailored to meet you where you are, this programme will halt the chaos, instilling clarity and confidence as you move towards your goals.


Close your eyes for a moment and envision this:

In just four weeks, you'll:

  • Break free from the cycle

  • Refocus and connect the dots

  • Gain clarity

  • Feel grounded and assured

  • Unleash newfound strength and determination

  • Know precisely how to proceed

The time to act is now!

And -  you need not tread alone.

You have me, Andrea.

As a Life Strategist, Quantum Success Coach, Spiritual Advisor, and Wisdom Weaver, I've dedicated over two decades to guiding individuals like you towards their authentic selves, empowering them to realise their full potential and be more happy and successful in their own way, living they dream life.


And if you join the group programme you'll have the Mastermind group - an online community of like-minded individuals, united in their pursuit of personal and collective growth, will bolster your progress, propelling you towards heights you've yet to imagine.

The Science and Magic of Success IS for you if:

  • You crave deeper satisfaction and meaning

  • You seek clarity in your pursuits for 2024, and beyond

  • You yearn for personal and spiritual growth

  • You're driven by a desire to leave a positive impact

  • You're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and legacy-building

The Science and Magic of Success IS NOT for you if:

  • You're content with complacency

  • You shy away from introspection and growth

  • You’re not open to Divine wisdom

  • You're uncomfortable with networking and support

  • You hesitate to invest in your own transformation

Let's embark on this journey together.

Here's what to expect:

  • Pre-recorded content as the foundation

  • Weekly live Coaching Calls for deeper exploration, progress sharing, and support


Success in every aspect of your life IS attainable, and it IS within your reach.

All it takes is understanding and reshaping your inner narratives to unlock new possibilities.


Your investment for one month of personalised mastermind life strategy coaching with the Science and Magic of Success is £997. 

This price is valid during the 1st half of 2024. Starting 1st July 2024 the price will go up. 


Join us, and let's embark on this journey together.

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