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Happy & Successful

Welcome to our pre-summit portal activation calls page. 


These calls are part of the Happy & Successful summit and we are going to talk about many different topics connected with the main theme of the whole event - about what it is to be happy and successful beyond the traditional or mainstream definitions of happiness and success, and also about anything and everything what the Spirit - and your questions - bring us. :o)

So, register to our live calls below, send us our questions you would like to have answered during these months leading to the summit itself, and enjoy replays. 

We are glad you are here with us and that you are co-creating this experience with us.

With love,


your host Andrea

and my co-hosts Sesh, Tamsin and Patrick

Free Pre-summit Portal Activation Calls - all dates are in UK times: 


  • 9th Sept               - at 9:09 am          


  • 10th Oct               - at 10:10 am

  • 11th Nov              - at 11:11 am

  • 12th Dec              - at 12:12 pm

  • 1st Jan                  - at 1:11 pm

Previous Portal Activation Calls you can watch on our 'Happy & Successful' summit YouTube or Facebook page after registration.

Join our Facebook group here 

Send us your questions for pre-summit portal activation calls speakers
and we’ll answer them during the calls.

Thanks for submitting!

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