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A single 60 minute session with laser focus on a specific topic

Success Power Hour

A Power Hour is a single intense session with total focus on one issue. It could be you are stuck with a problem at work and you can't seem to unblock yourself and get past it, you may have issues with a particular person and you can't think how to deal with it, or perhaps you just need someone who is absolutely neutral to act as a sounding board and confidante while you bounce your ideas off them. I could be any of these, or a thousand other things that just need you to be able to focus entirely on your problem with the assistance of a skilled and dedicated coach  who knows how to get you to a great result in a single focussed coaching session. 

Below are five different approaches to the structure and tone of the Power Hour session, varying from the highly practical and pragmatic to the gently spiritual. Choose the one that best fits you, and book a call with Andrea. 

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

We explore and define what it is that you actually fear, getting clarity and understanding of how and why you fear this, and then create an approach for you to get round, through, or over this fear, or even just live with it in the full understanding of what it is and how it can affect you if left uncontrolled.

Limiting Beliefs Buster

"All the good men are taken". "I'm too old/young to do this". "I'm not good enough for ...". These are the kind of limiting beliefs we hear all the time. A Power Hour session can get you past these beliefs, showing them for the imposters that they truly are.


Happiness Now

We can feel really happy quite quickly if we understand the connection between the body and the mind. Learning how to adopt this positive mind-set can significantly improve, or even completely change the shape of, your current world.

Intuitive Guidance

Intensive coaching around a specific topic which you bring to the session, looked at using intuition, channelling advice from Spiritual Guides, Akashic Records, sometimes using Tarot or Oracle cards, and sometimes healing energy (Andrea is a Reiki Master and Akashic Records Consultant).

90 days to Success

Use the Power Hour to get clarity about what is really important to you, and why. Then make a plan which feels good to act on and brings you even more success and happiness.

Success Power Hour costs just £444 via Zoom. For the following week you may also contact Andrea by WhatsApp, Telegram or Voxer (based on your agreement) or email with any brief follow-up questions.

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