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Andrea Klinčoková

Disruptive Coach, Akashic Records Consultant, Master Healer & Wisdom Weaver

Monday, 15th January 2024, at 10:00 UK time - Welcome session

immediately followed by summit workshop at 10:30 UK time


Stand In Your Power - The Power of Our Thoughts  

We will look at our mindset and thoughts as energy behind results we see in our life. 

I hear so many people saying I'm fine. I'm okay. I'm happy. Yes, I am successful. 

And yet, when I ask them to tell me more, the story I hear is a bit different. 

Suddenly I hear them asking questions like - is this really all there is for me in this life? Is my life going to look like this for the rest of my days on this planet? Isn't there something more? Something better? Something bigger? 

These are big questions, and in my programmes we look for the answers which are truly yours. However, for today's workshop I'm going to give you some simple, yet powerful tools and maybe even few new ideas or perspectives, which can help you straight away. 

My Story

I proudly wear many hats - business owner, partner, godmother, and your steadfast confidante.


I’m a ceaseless enthusiast for learning, Life & Business Strategist, Quantum Success Coach, Disruptive and Transformation Coach, ex President of ICF chapter, Spiritual Advisor, Mentor, Teacher, Reiki Master, Akashic Records Consultant and Master Healer.

Some affectionately dub me their Sage, while others hail me as a New Renaissance Woman.


Lately, I've taken to calling myself a Wisdom Weaver.


In everything I do I love to bring Divine wisdom seamlessly interwoven with emotional healing and grounded in practical, scientifically proven tools, practices, ideas, and strategies.


My passion lies in intimately engaging with people's lives, guiding them towards clarity, satisfaction, and their highest potential. Whether through individual sessions or comprehensive coaching programs, my purpose is ingeniously tailored to help you uncover and manifest the life and business that resonate perfectly with who you are. It's about creating a life that brings both happiness and success.


For over two decades, I've been a guiding force, navigating the intricacies of personal, business, lifestyle, and corporate challenges of my clients. My journey has touched the lives of individuals in more than 50 countries, empowering them to define their authentic selves, step into their inner power, and find true life satisfaction. Through exercises and techniques I've acquired and developed over the years, I've helped thousands of people live their fullest potential.


Let me be your guide on your transformative journey, where we together discover and shape the life and business that's uniquely tailored for you - where happiness and success become inseparable companions of your every day.

My Offer

1/ After-summit Q&A with a Hot Seat Coaching


With your VIP pass you can keep all the summit's sessions recordings for life and you will also receive 4 weekly Q&A and Hot Seat Coaching sessions with me for 1 month after the summit (between 22nd January and 23rd February 2024), as well as unlimited Voxer support from me during that one month. 

2/ Akashic Records 1:1 sessions for only £123 per session. 


This price is valid only until 15th February 2024 and you can apply via DM or send me an email on

If you you choose one of the Akashic Records programmes the price for summit participants will be calculated based on this special price times number of sessions. Apply now so we can arrange the best dates for your sessions.

3/ Quantum Living


6 month programme for only £2024 – this price is valid before 5th February 2024.

18 live sessions plus surprise bonuses (workshops, masterclasses, guest speakers)


I'm always looking for new and exciting connections. Let's connect.

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