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Elizabeth des Roches


Tuesday, 16th January 2024, at 14:00 UK time


The Solo Creative, The Social Creator & The Creatrix


Join Elizabeth and explore and enhance your creative energy systems.

My Story

Elizabeth accompanies creative women as they weave their professional expertise with their metaphysical abilities for highly-satisfying results.


She gives them ways to access smoother days, flourishing businesses, sharper intuition & a flow of "off-the-charts" productivity.


Many see significant changes in their health, wealth & overall sense of ease.

There have even been some miracles.


Her clients benefit from the skills which she's developed through 35+ years of entrepreneurial experience, founding seven companies, decades of intense spiritual practice and an unparalleled range of perception which extends far into the unknown realms.


Born with a sharp logical mind & a bevy of creative talents, she creates with light & colour, words & ideas, sound & movement, fibre & paper – making things you can see & those you can’t.


Since 2010, she's lived in the French countryside with her family, where you can often find her in her attic atelier, sipping decadent hot chocolate nestled in a nearby medieval town or wandering by the lake at dusk.

Her super power:

I sense physical 3-D & subtle spiritual energies (sound, colour, ideas, scent & space). I braid my practical skills & knowledge with information which I gather from non-physical sources to create & enrich lives.

Podcast pre-summit introductory interview

In this introductory podcast interview, Andrea and Elizabeth talked about what does happiness and success mean to her and what does Creatrix mean. How do you know that you are a Creatrix? Elizabeth talked about her journey from Toronto to France, about living in the unknown, about creativity and also Middle Ages studies. We talked about following dreams and pushbacks from others, about spiritual awakening and doing business aligned with your Soul's purpose. There's so much in this conversation!

Listen to this interview and get to know Elizabeth a little bit better through it. 


Elizabether Des Roches, pre-summit introductory podcast interviewTrust the Unknown podcast
00:00 / 33:19

My Offer

1/ Signs of Success Sourcebook  

A NEW Way to Increase & Celebrate Daily Accomplishment for Creatives  -  FREE - pre-summit gift

2/ Creative Visions Oracle Workshop - January 30 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm (Paris Time)

Regularly 50 Euros - Save 50% with Coupon Code – VISION2024


3/ The Solo Creative, The Social Creator & The Creatrix Immersion -  only for VIP pass holders

January 25 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm (Paris Time) AND February 8 - 5:00 pm (Paris Time)  - ONLY 4 Spots Available


Regularly 400 Euros - Save 50% with Coupon Code – CCC24


I'm always looking for new and exciting connections. Let's connect.

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