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Andrea (Drea) Roye

Sound Practitioner

Friday, 19th January 2024, at 10:00 UK time


Sound Healing - A self love journey  

When I discovered the wonderful world of sound healing it felt like home. Singing and vocalising with the crystal singing bowls became a practice of self love. 


I have found that the intentional use of sound frequencies can support us in tapping into deep spaces within our mind and body. It can be used as an anchor to observe our inner world with love and compassion, whilst honouring the whole human experience. 


When I vocalise using sacred sounds, I always set a specific intention, which accesses different levels of awareness encoded to the vibration of love for the highest and best intentions. I feel the warmth of loving light within me, igniting the heart through authentic self expression. 


My musical journeys are an intersection between science, art and spirituality supporting participants to tap into the healing potential that lies within.  The key message is that everyday we can use tools that can support us on the path back to love and wholeness which is a gift to ourselves and others.

My Story

I have always found that music has helped me feel my feelings.

It’s never been for just pleasing to the ear.


I have been through challenging times throughout my life and music has softened what has often felt like a hard existence. I feel that sound has an effect on my consciousness when used as a form of meditation.


I have also noticed the effect on the consciousness of others.


My musical journeys are an intersection between science, art and spirituality.

Sound has supported my journey within for healing and change.


My first experience of a sound bath with crystal singing bowls provided an opportunity for self observation and connection to self. I felt a sense of wholeness and balance as I deeply listened anchored in awareness, fully present in the moment.


I realised that sound coupled with deep listening and meditation was a powerful tool to explore my inner world. It’s almost as if the sound was helping me to remember and reclaim parts of myself. I was able to use sound to support my mindfulness practice by accepting the experience as it unfolded without judgement.  


For someone who has had to deal with the trauma of others coupled with daily micro aggressions my spiritual practices have been of paramount importance.


As a Black women, I am constantly observing the world and my place within it. My dream is to be a part of making the world a better place for my children and all beings.


I have to be compassionate towards myself and others wanting to learn and actively listen.

I dream of deep connection, a world liberated and free for all.


My vocal art allows me to drop into presence and express myself freely in the moment. I am able to express my musical ideas from the heart through a place of surrender and trust and with compassion. I improvise words through spontaneous creation and language invention.

This use of language bypasses the human mind and allows for deeper vibrational, emotional expression, depth and meaning. This is not predetermined but arises out of inner inquiry and intention.

I try not to engage with the aspect of my brain that searches for meaning through language. I feel that the sounds I create vocally allow for more freedom to explore my emotions.  

Through this process I am able to deeply listen and trust in what wants to be voiced. I am able to connect with the wisdom of the natural world and can feel and sing the inner lives of myself and others.


Although singing and performance have been commodified through competition, I see my work as meditative, contemplative, healing, sacred and therapeutic.

I have abandoned comparison and perfection for expression. If I notice any of these shadows arising I notice them and become curious trying not to judge myself.


I believe the concerts and experiences I create can promote increased compassion and love. The approach I take is a holistic one, with a clear intention of being the conduit for loving vibration.


My work relies on heart intelligence, for the highest good of all. 


Intuitive singing supports sound vibration to flow through me as an intentional gift to both myself and others. I use my voice as a means to tap into insight and creativity; interpreting the energy of the space.

To me it is a form of devotional singing and sound healing.

I love my crystal helpers (bowls) but through my voice combined with the bowls and sometimes without I can express a form of communication from the heart.  

From a place of awareness and being grounded I can invite the sacred to communicate naturally through me in singing from the soul.


I believe that my voice carries frequencies with my unique blueprint, that activates my inner truth. As we heal we restore ourselves to a state of balance and wholeness.


I help people to unlock the healing potential carried within them through the use of sound meditation which I view as a collaborative process.    


My super power is sound healing through my unique use of sound.

My Offer

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