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An individually tailored, one-to-one coaching program over two days. Together we create a workable, realistic plan to guide you to your Best Year Yet.

What choices do you make for yourself and your life? Do you want to make your next year better than the last one and all the years before?


The Best Year Yet workshop is designed to give you:

  • The right tools for creating the mind set to change your life for the better 

  • The mental space and framework for making the right decisions about yourself and your life 

  • The basic plan to direct and manage your actions to bring you the life of your own choice, living on your own terms.

Your Best Year can start on any date. Act now! Stop fulfilling dreams of others! Start living your own dream life!

The biggest adventure you can have and the most happiness you can experience is to live a life on your own terms, based on your own dreams.

"It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices." J.K Rowling speaking through Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter Books.


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