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Consult Your Higher Self

Welcome to a transformative experience as you seek guidance from your Higher Self and your Guides. 

They are here for you always, eagerly awaiting your call, ready to help you in whatever way possible.

Are you ready to tap into the limitless well of Divine wisdom?


The Consult Your Higher Self Programme is your gateway to unlocking the profound insights and guidance from your Higher Self and also that which is held within your Akashic Records and higher realms of the Divine.

What We Offer

In each Consult Your Higher Self session, we take you on a journey to your connection with your Higer Self and also to open the gateway to your Akashic Records – your cosmic library of knowledge and enlightenment.

Imagine accessing ancient wisdom and healing energies that exist since the dawn of creation. With our guidance - guidance from your Higher Self, your Guides and me - you'll make better decisions, gain clarity on your current situation, and understand the path forward.


The Power of Your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides


Your Higher Self and your personal mentors, your spirit guides, play a pivotal role in this transformative experience. They are your advisors, concierges, and coordinators, understanding not just your aspirations but also the path leading to your fullest potential. From unlocking the secrets of true love to navigating breakthrough business ideas, your  Higher Self and your guides are your allies in attaining your best life.

Your Records, Your Power

The Akashic Records act as a personalised Google search for your soul. From fears and worries to illnesses and past lives, there's no limit to the questions you can explore. Your record is yours, and you have complete access to understanding every facet of your soul and its journey.


Topics We Can Explore

There are no boundaries to the questions we can explore:


  • Spirit of Your Business: Gain insights and guidance for your business by aligning with its Soul.

  • Metaphysics of Marketing: Unlock the secrets of effective marketing and product or service creation.

  • Abundance Activation: Learn how to attract abundance in all areas of your life.

  • Self-Love and Self-Awareness: Foster a deeper connection with yourself.

  • Ancestral healing: Heal your ancestral and bloodline lineage and bring forth all the gifts from your predecesors.

  • Divine Creativity: Align with soul of your creative project, be it a book, a piece of art, or any other form of your creative expression. 

  • Relationships and Personal Growth: Improve relationships, both personal and professional, and focus on your personal growth journey.


And much much more...


The Journey Begins

As one of your guides, I'm here to facilitate this journey with you. Book your first session or choose a package to embark on a profound exploration of your true self.


With each session, expect new clarity, profound insights, and a deep understanding of your authentic self, all wraped in the nurturing energy of love. 


Your spirit guides are waiting.


What will be the first question you ask them?

Whato expect

Deep Insights

  • Identify and overcome blockages, gaining profound insights into the areas of your life and business that matter most to you.


Soul's Journey Exploration


  • Discover the intricacies of your soul's journey, uncovering answers and guidance for a life filled with purpose and meaning.


Clarity and Understanding


  • Illuminate the recesses of your soul, paving the way for a transformative journey ahead.

Book your session

Whether you go for a single session or grab a bundle of 3 or 6, let me help you discover your true self at the soul level.


Each session brings you fresh clarity, deep insights, and a better understanding of who you are, all wrapped up in a big ol' hug of Divine love.

Choose a package that suits your needs:


Individual Session

  • Dive deep into your records for personalised insights.


Pack of 3 or 6 Sessions 

  • Embark on a continuous journey, uncovering layers of wisdom with each session. 

  • By buying a pack of  3 sessions you are saving £50.

  • By buying a pack of  6 sessions you are saving £100.

Ready to light up your path to self-discovery and transformation?

Book your session now.

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