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Sesh Naidoo

Quantum Flow Practitioner and Transformational Coach

Thursday, 18th January 2024, at 14:00 UK time


Intentionality like a #Boss

My talk is on the power of Intentionality and how practical and simple strategies can actually allow you more freedom to connect with your intuition and creativity.

Intentionality is like creating the container for magic to happen and it’s like using your divine masculine energy to create the safe space required for the creative capabilities of the divine feminine.


Sometimes as spiritual humans, we tend to either move to the extremes along the spectrum of doing too much or not doing anything and I’d love to share my steps to find that sweet spot for you, because all of us are different.

My Story

I am an ex Science teacher, app developer, author, transformational coach, Quantum flow teacher and Course/certification creator.

I have been working in the coaching and entrepreneurship industry for 3 years, and previously taught high school science for 10.


My mission here on Earth so far has been discovering my own power, learning and leaning in to the challenges through resilience and tenacity.


My work in everything I do is to help people remember who they are and see how incredible they are as well.

My super power is that people feel really calm, settled and safe in my space and this is who I am as a human and a coach.

My Offer

Connect with me if you’d like to learn how to apply this process and more with your clients.


I'm always looking for new and exciting connections. Let's connect.

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