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Sasha Sells

Advanced Practitioner Ortho-Bionomy 

Akashic Records Consultant and Healer

Wednesday, 17th January 2024, at 16:00 UK time


I am the change I want to envision


We are here for a reason.

Each one of us choose to exist at this time and experience this massive transformation on Earth.

In order to bring our light forward and help humanity in whatever way we are felt called we must heal our wounds, our pains and our traumas. We must rise from our ashes and know that we have the power to bring love and light in every moment and every day. We can create the lives we dream of and so much. There are infinite possibilities.

My Story

My journey through the world of alternative healing blossomed from a personal place of seeking and exploring realms where traditional western medicine couldn’t traverse.


My inaugural steps into the healing arts began with massage therapy, gradually unfolding into a specialized expertise in Ortho-Bionomy since 2018, and subsequently embracing the spiritual depths of the Akashic Records.


Bridging intuitive bodily listening with profound spiritual insights, I not only facilitate healing but ensure it permeates mind, body, and spirit collectively.


My daily wanderings through the mountains alongside my two loyal canine companions continually fuel my passion and gratitude for life, nature, and the opportunity to guide others towards their own healing and self-discovery.

My super powers are that I am a deep listener, I am intuitive, I am a healer, I am creative, I risen from the ashes, I have found my purpose/joy in life, I trust the universe, I am empath, lightworker, catalyst, I am here to help awaken humanity to their innate wisdom, love and beauty.

My Offer

Akashic Records 1:1 sessions and/or remote energetic healing encompassing all that we are, including mind, body and spirit. 


Please, simply reach out with the subject line: "Happy & Successful Offer" so we can arrange the dates.


I'm always looking for new and exciting connections. Let's connect.

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