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Katie Stibbs

Transformational Coach, Change Worker, Energy Guide & Podcast Host 

Wednesday, 17th January 2024, at 12:00 UK time


Learn to be yourself


Katie is going to take you on a journey to learning to be yourself in her summit talk, because every one else is already taken.

My Story

As a transformational coach, change worker, energy guide & podcast host I teach people the practical and energetic tools that compliment their unique brain chemistry and personality so they can reach their fullest potential.

I'm a multi passionate person, with a background in performance, sales and advertising and coaching and self development.

I myself, like many of you have experienced what it's like to be on the dark side of life, and I use my personal experience as well as many years of training as a hypnotist change worker, and strategic life & relationship coach to help my clients create and build lives that are rich and full.


I teach people to develop new skills tools, and strategies to be fully themselves at a core level. To learn to accept all the parts of themselves, even the parts they hide from.

Learning the skills to succeed with other people and develop great relationships is a huge part of the work we do together.

I have created the Simplify for Success Method which enables people to get clear on what they truly desire, and supports them with the skills strategies and energies for it to actualised.

I also work with many people and couples who consider themselves  neurodiverse.


My own late diagnosis of ADHD means I can really support people in a unique way and I have spent the last 5 years implementing my Simplify Method to support people at IC theatre which is  part of BIMM University, where I was head of self development.


I'm a mum with 2 children and I consider myself to be many things, for example a creative, an investigator of people, a life long learner, I have a spiritual side and I love neuroscience and psychology. I'm also a traveller, I'm always curious and I always try and cultivate a beginner's mind even when working with clients. My clients are always teaching me important lessons, and I love that.

My super power is my ability to enable people to see who they really are, to reinforce their strengths and give them the skills to create a life that fulfils them.

Podcast pre-summit introductory interview

In this introductory podcast interview, Andrea and Katie talked - of course - about what does happiness and success mean to Katie. Katie shared her personal journey and philosophy, and she stressed the importance of understanding one's own core essence and desires, and discerning what is truly fulfilling.

We talked about many different topics, as is always the case when two of us get together :o) In this conversation we touched upon our families, our work, our beliefs, we talked about spirituality, religion, Akashic Records, ADHD, neurodiversity, and also about meditation, quantum field and trusting the unknown. 

Enjoy this conversation and get to know Katie a little bit better through it. 

Katie Stibbs, pre-summit introductory podcast interviewTrust the Unknown podcast
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My Offer 

My summit offer is a success session where we will use my Simplify for Success Method to get super clear on what you want to experience and accomplish in the next 3, 6, or 12 months.

We will focus on either an important relationship, your work/ business, or on your spiritual journey.

You will learn new practical & emotional strategies that compliment your unique brain chemistry, personality and your lifestyle, so you are able to experience your own version of happiness and success - by being fully authentically who you really are. Offer for summit participants is £90 (usual price £300).


I'm always looking for new and exciting connections. Let's connect.

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