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Eva Fúriková

Culinary Adventurer

Tuesday, 16th January 2024, at 10:00 UK time


Kitchen is for Life


We spend time in our kitchens every day. But how often and how well do we truly utilise the nourishing potential of food preparation for our mood and mind? Could adding a dash of mindfulness and intention into the mix help us feel better about ourselves and our world?

My Story

I am a joyful, kind and friendly human, a professional chef, former project and event manager, advertiser, journalist, national television reporter.
I create online and live workshops aimed at teaching mindfulness in cooking and baking and all things kitchen.


I show people how to turn their inevitable kitchen time into ME time, how to intentionally use their specific methods, recipes and techniques in order to filter everyday life outside of their kitchen to land in a desired headspace.

I intertwine tools of meditation, mindfulness, active relaxation and physical work with ingredients and environment.


As a little Evinka I would annually watch my mum bake batch after batch of what I can best describe as Christmas delights vowing that one day I will know all the recipes by heart. Growing up I would sit on our colourful kitchen rug - and I would cry. Because life gets hard. It was my secret safe corner away from the world.


Later in life my workaholism combined with confidence issues, people pleasing nature and my inability to say no, my eventful love life and a tonne of unanswered questions, looming challenges and endless inner monologues gradually descended on me - and whenever it got too much I would close myself in my own kitchen and organised, cleaned, cooked, baked, or just sat there... until life got a bit softer. Magically - I would find a solution to a problem, sensible response to a misunderstanding, a little new love for my partner or compassion for a colleague. I would feel more cheerful, relaxed, detached, hopeful, whimsical, creative or less sad each time.
Ever since I became a professional chef I have observed techniques, honed skills and collected recipes which - if used with intention and mindfully - have the power to help me filter anything going on in my life and land me in a desired headspace.
I share all these through my brand new happy place - Inbetween Kitchen - a platform that is just making it’s baby steps in these very days. It comes from my own home, with my own experience, and with the help of other professionals - chefs, coaches, authors, friends. It is for anyone who feels like hitting a pause on reality with a delightful edible twist.


My super powers are grounding and encouragement.

Podcast pre-summit introductory interview

In this introductory podcast interview, Eva shared her journey to becoming a professional chef, the therapeutic effect of cooking and baking, and how she started teaching people these skills as self-help and self-care. 

Of course, Andrea and Eva talked also about what does happiness and success mean to her and we discussed many different topics related to kitchen, happiness and success, such as rituals, sensory experiences, and also struggles, overthinking, or freedom and creativity. There's so much in this engaging conversation!

Listen to this interview and get to know Eva a little bit better through it. 


Eva Furikova, pre-summit introductory podcast interviewTrust the Unknown podcast
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My Offer

All Attendees Offer - Simmer of the Senses 

Two-hour long online workshop that explores gentle grounding ways to apply culinary experience onto a busy overwhelming day. We shift that heat building up in the simmering pot of your mind to become soft bubbles that just pop up and pop away. 


VIP Attendees Offer - BEAT IT!


Two-hour long online workshop with a single objective - anger release in true culinary fashion. Because some cookery is best done with sweat and swing!


I'm always looking for new and exciting connections. Let's connect.

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