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Clarity Call

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A Clarity Call is a free audio or video call on Zoom and it usually lasts between 30 - 60 minutes. Some coaches call it a Discovery Call or Chemistry Call, or any other name which goes best with their niche and services.

Whatever the name, this call is designed to clarify, or find out, if we would be a 'good fit' to work together before you commit to one of my coaching programmes.

The Clarity Call has 3 goals:
to make sure that you are 'my kind' of client,
• to make sure that I am the right person to help you at this moment
• to make sure that the programme you are going to invest in is the right one for you. 


What will  we talk about during the Clarity Call?
There are again 3 main areas:
• I need to understand where you are at in your life and/or business currently, where you want to get to and what are your main challenges at the moment. 
• you need to understand who are my ideal clients, people I work best with, how I work with them and what kind of results they get when they work with me
• we then go over any questions you might have about the programme you are interested in.

If we both think and feel that this is the right step for us to take at this moment, we will agree on dates and payment. 
If either of us thinks and feels that we are not the right fit or that this is not the right time, we will agree whether we want to stay in touch, or occasionally I might recommend you to a different coach I feel may better suit you. 


No pressure. No pushy persuasion.
We both must feel excitement about this  journey we are going to start together. 
And that's it.

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